August 23, 2008

Zippyfish has now published 50 movie reviews, in a bit over a year. That’s just the “Matt’s Reviews” category. Including Adam’s “Crapfest” entries, total reviews are up to 54.

KERBLAM!, as we say in the business.

As of this moment, the site has attracted 11,600 visitors.

Interestingly, it seems a fair proportion of these visitors are  looking for the kind of weird stuff that is not on this site. For example, here are some of my favourite searches that have directed visitors to Zippyfish.

– “3d penis”
– ancient denmark sexuality
– Girls cleavage buff
– matt demon nude
– ‘John Travolta nude’ (sorry, this is as near to that as we are willing to risk)
– Matt Damon circumcised
– Jon Heder circumcised
– exotic knifers
– snake in your mouth
– girls sucking snakes
– schoolgirls crush insect
– Snakes naked breasts
– nude with snake
– Golden flower breasts (or ‘cleavage’ – there was more to Curse of the Golden Flower than that you know)
– ‘shark rod stewart’ (really, a lot of people seem to think Rod Stewart made a shark documentary)
– the mrs zippy river

Of course, now that I’ve listed these searches here, probably even more people looking for info on circumcised actors and naked people with snakes will make it to the site. I’m ok with that. At least just remember to read a review or two before you leave.


One comment

  1. Congratulations Zippy F, on making the big five oh.

    Wow, your site really seems to appeal to an unusual market segment: the freak segment. Nice one.

    I wasn’t aware that Rod Stewart made a shark documentary. Looking forward to your review.

    Keep up the supernifty work, Monsieur Fish.

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